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Sam Bowden has spent 15 years as a practicing vet. He has owned two practices in this time, each of them achieving phenomenal results in growth and profitability. He has devoted his last 12 years to helping practice owners increase their happiness, work life balance and profitability.

He is the founder of United Vets Group, The Ultimate Veterinary Practice, Complete Vet Systems, More Vet Clients Websites, Accelerate Mastermind Group, Vet Business Manager Program and The Dental Academy.

His skillset is combining long-lasting mindset changes together with proven practical strategies to allow practice owners and teams to reach their full potential. He is considered a leading educator on how to increase profitability, work life balance and happiness in the veterinary industry.

Friday 1st OCTOBER 2021 - SAM BOWDEN

SESSION 1 (40 minutes)

Getting clarity. What exactly do you want from your practice?

In this session you will:

  • Understand the 5 stages of business and identify where you currently sit.
  • Understand what you need to do to move to the next level.
  • Get crystal clarity on what you want to create in your practice and why most business owners will never do this.
  • Clearly identify WHY you are in business. This will make daily decisions in your practice vastly easier to make.

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SESSION 2 (40 minutes)

Time Management: Addresses procrastination and how to say no.

In this session:

This Create Learning bite size session will explore some of the most common ways your time is sabotaged. You will gain new ways to utilise your time more effectively and feel more productive.

Can't make the webinar? Register via the form at the bottom of this page and we will have video recordings available to watch at a time that suits you.


Michael Bambacas is the Learning and Development specialist at Create Learning. He likes to help people find those light bulb moments through creative, well designed and delivered L&D programs.

His reward is in seeing people walk away from learning and development experiences with the greater skills, knowledge and behavior that helps them improve the way they perform, relate to colleagues and interact with customers.

Michael brings experience from the pharmaceutical, agribusiness and animal health industries with an evidence based approach to learning and development. His background in the film industry provides a creative edge in the way he engages participants to enable the learning experience to be memorable and that it transfers to the workplace.

Friday 3rd DECEMBER 2021 - SAM BOWDEN

SESSION 3 (40 minutes)

Understanding what drives ALL human behaviour and how to use this to fast track your teams’ development (and improve your personal relationships).

In this session you will:

  • Discover the six humans needs that dictate all human behaviour.
  • Understand why you feel, act, and do what you do daily.
  • Learn how to predict human behaviour and how to use this in leading your team, your clients, and your life partners (this gets spicy!!!)
  • Learn the incredibly simple secret to feeling fulfilled regardless of the situation. This is a complete life changer (well it was for me!).

Friday 7th JANUARY 2022 - TBA

SESSION 4 (40 minutes)

Session Information Available Soon

In this session you will:

  • details to come


SESSION 5 (40 minutes)

Making the Recommendation: Assertive Language, Product and Service Recommendation.

In this session:

This Create Learning bite size session will explore the process of making a recommendation to a client.
You will gain effective skills you can take back to the clinic and introduce to your staff. A practical way to grow client confidence in your clinic.

Friday 4th MARCH 2021 - SAM BOWDEN

SESSION 6 (40 minutes)

The Universal Principles to creating a remarkable practice.

In this session you’ll learn the most profound universal principles (you can use in any aspect of your life, and they always work to use daily that provide the structure to build your ideal practice on.

These principles are timeless, and you will share them with your team, your life partners, and your children.

These principles are the greatest gift you can give to someone as they completely reshape how you view and respond to challenge, opportunity, and life in general.

Friday 1st APRIL 2022 - SAM BOWDEN

SESSION 7 (40 minutes)

Leadership: How to find, align and grow a high performing team.

In this session you will discover:

  • The three mandates of a leader (these three things you simply MUST do)The fundamental leadership principles required to create a motivating culture to work in that attracts and keeps great staff.
    How to manage a toxic culture or team member.
    The impact of shifting from trying to “keep staff happy” to fulfilling their needs. Get this right and your great team members will stay forever.
    How to recruit in a staff shortage situation.

Friday 6th MAY 2022 - MICHAEL BAMBACAS

SESSION 8 (40 minutes)

Communication Skills: Concept of conversational Language

In this session you will:

  • details to come

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SESSION 9 (40 minutes)

To be Announced

In this session you will:

  • details to come

Friday 1st JULY 2022 - SAM BOWDEN

SESSION 10 (40 minutes)

Why you make the money you do and how to change it (if you want to)

In this session we will unpack:

  • Why anyone makes the money they do.
  • Understanding your financial blueprint and how you develop it.
  • Understanding the finances within your practice (profit and loss plus key KPI’s)
  • How to reset your personal financial thermometer.


SESSION 11 (40 minutes)

To be Announced

In this session you will:

  • details to come

Friday 2nd SEPTEMBER 2022 - SAM BOWDEN

SESSION 12 (40 minutes)

Understanding the 80/20 of vet practice marketing.

In this session you will learn:

  • The three outcomes of marketing.
  • How to identify the best form of marketing for your practice.
  • The most powerful form of marketing that very few practices use, and it only takes 3 mins to do it!
  • The one thing that clients want more than anything from their vet. This increases word of mouth marketing by six-fold.

Once you have registered we will email you the webinar link and details when available.

Upcoming Webinar Dates

01/10/21 – Sam Bowden / 1.30PM AEST - Recording available contact your CAM
05/11/21 – Michael Bambacas / 1.30PM AEST
03/12/21 – Sam Bowden / 1.30PM AEST
07/01/21 - Michael Bambacas / 1.30PM AEST
04/02/22 – Michael Bambacas / 1.30PM AEST
04/03/22 – Sam Bowden / 1.30PM AEST
01/04/22 – Sam Bowden / 1.30PM AEST
06/05/22 – Michael Bambacas / 1.30PM AEST
03/06/22 - Michael Bambacas / 1.30PM AEST
01/07/22 - Sam Bowden / 1.30PM AEST
05/08/22 - Michael Bambacas / 1.30PM AEST
02/09/22 – Sam Bowden / 1.30PM AEST

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