Cenvet Australia Customer Programs

Loyalty has its rewards.

Cenvet American Express Rewards

An American Express Australia Business Card will improve the cash flow of your business and reward you for it at the same time.

Great Offers
Redeem points for over 1,500 merchandise and gift-card options or with eight different airline reward programs.

Increased cash flow
Take advantage of increased cash flow with up to 51 credit-free days.

Peace of Mind
Take comfort in great offers on travel insurance for both international and domestic travel, including medical expenses.


Cenvet Choices Points

In addition to our focus on delivering the highest-quality products and services to our clients, Cenvet Australia has developed a number of highly attractive loyalty initiatives and marketing-support programs.

Our flagship loyalty-reward program is Cenvet Choices. Cenvet Choices members earn points each time they perform a transaction with us. These points can then be redeemed for any number of excellent rewards.

Cenvet Choices

CenSational Rebates & Rewards

CenSational Rewards lets you take advantage of:

  • Larger Rebates
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Flexible Rebate & Reward Options

Never have to find an invoice to claim your supplier rebate - we take care of all the paperwork!

  • Fill in one membership form and we do the rest
  • Receive a rebate tracker on a monthly basis
  • Our rebates and rewards are flexible and can be tailored to each partners' preference
  • Support our brand partners and you will receive maximum rebates

Seem too good to be true?
With CenSational Rebates & Rewards, you will be rewarded for your brand loyalty and not just volume.
Even if you are a solo practitioner, you will be rewarded.

CenSational Rebates & Rewards
CenSational Buying Group

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