HealthyMouth Discontinued

26th March 2020

HealthyMouth – Discontinuation Notice

We wish to advise clients that HealthyMouth has been discontinued through Cenvet Australia.

The falling Australian dollar in combination with a pending increase in production costs has made HealthyMouth too expensive to manufacturer for the Australian market and hence we will be withdrawing the HealthyMouth range from sales once our current stocks are exhausted.

At this stage, we still have stocks of the following pack sizes for sale:
• HealthyMouth Dog Original 240ml (expiry 08/21)
• HealthyMouth Dog Original 480ml (Expiry 08/21)
• HealthyMouth Cat Original 240ml (Exp 08/21)
A replacement product is just around the corner.

Whilst it will be sad to see HealthyMouth leave our shelves, the good news is we are about to start trialling a new “Vet Only” dental home care product for the Australian market. The trials are expected to go for a few months with an anticipated launch date of 1st July 2020 assuming the trials are successful.

We shall keep you posted!