11th January 2021

HealthyMouth – Discontinuation Notice

We wish to advise clients that HealthyMouth has been discontinued through Cenvet Australia.

However, we would never leave you without an alternative…

Introducing TEEF!

TEEF! Is a powdered water additive designed to improve the oral health of your dog. It contains Protektin42™, a non-toxic, prebiotic formula backed by 10 years of science.

You may find more information about TEEF! on our other page, CLICK HERE.

As the next alternative, we believe that TEEF! will be just as easy to use – all you need to do is:





This product has a unique approach to improving the overall health of your dog starting with the oral cavity. Because we believe that good health starts in the mouth.

If you would still like to purchase HM, please talk to your local vet clinic.



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