The Dogs of Australia have spoken.

Antinol® has become a keystone in osteoarthritis management protocols for hundreds
of veterinary practices across Australia. As a nutraceutical, Antinol® is amongst the most researched and published non-drug compound in veterinary medicine today.

Antinol® Original revolutionised the marketplace when we first launched it in 2018. Pet owners were so impressed with Antinol® Original that stories of their pets and how these little red capsules had changed their lives forever started popping up on social media everywhere. You can read more about some of these success stories on the Antinol® Facebook page (

And then came along Antinol® RAPID!

Over recent months, more and more veterinarians have switched to the new Antinol® RAPID formulation, a formulation that was years in development and has surpassed all expectations.

Sales of Antinol® RAPID have been so strong in recent months, it now out performs our sales of Antinol® Original to the point where it’s no longer viable to manufacture more stock of Antinol® 60s Original in Australia. If you haven’t switched from Antinol® to Antinol® RAPID, then now is the time to do so as we have minimal stock left of the original Antinol® 60’s formulation available for sale.

Once our existing stocks are exhausted, Antinol® 60s will no longer be available to purchase from Cenvet Australia. It will be sad to see Antinol® 60’s no longer displayed on shelves in veterinary clinics, but as our technical summary shows…

… Antinol® RAPID is breaking new ground and delivering even better results for veterinarians and pet owners alike.